More Than Meets The Eye

For a great many people, a trip to the cinema is nothing more than a few hours of entertainment. A brief interlude to while away the hours until you get back to the business of “real life”. These people most often forget what they have watched long before the stale, overly salted concession stand popcorn has passed through their gut. That is fine. Horses for courses etc.

However, for some of us a trip to the cinema is a moment of pure anticipation from the moment we book our ticket. We know that, in the darkness that will engulf us for a few hours, we will encounter a multitude of emotions; disgust, boredom, anger,  joy, sorrow and the kind of awe that leaves goosebumps all over your flesh. We know that there is the possibility we will stumble out of that darkness with a new view of the world; feeling enriched, enlightened and, yes, entertained too. But what exactly we will come away with we can never know for sure and therein lies the excitement.

And, so, movies have become for me a red thread that weaves through my life from some of my earliest memories and up until now. The thread is not linear but rather spins and twists in elaborate patterns and spreads to far-flung places, to times long gone and to futures as yet unknown. Some movies have even felt like building blocks that contributed to who I am today and how I see the world.

No doubt, you have to wade through a lot of rubbish to get to the gems that leave a lasting impression. But, when you find them, it is so worth it. In this blog I will do a lot of wading as well as re-visiting some old favourites. I hope this space will be a place of solace for those of you who think there is more to movies than discussing how hot Megan Fox looked in the latest Michael Bay screen explosion thingy.

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